Depending on culture and family traditions, a lot of expectations may be related to motherhood and a failure to fulfil these external expectations may cause a feeling of insecurity for the mother. It is good to remember that expectations coming outside the family circle do not apply to an individual’s family but the most important thing is the family’s own unique way of life. Each family sets their own goals which they want to achieve.

The mother is tuned to sense the baby’s moods and therefore any changes in the baby’s behaviour and health cause changes also in the mother. Fluctuating and volatile mood is not abnormal for a mother.

  • Taking care of a baby may be very tiring, especially in the beginning. The mother needs to have some time also for herself.
  • At times soothing the baby to sleep may be difficult and waking up at night may take a lot of strength. Sometimes the baby’s cry may be annoying, upsetting and the mother may feel helpless. However, eventually the baby will fall asleep and stop crying.
  • It’s good to remember that both positive and negative feelings are a part of motherhood and it is important that these feelings are discussed. Share your thoughts with your partner or a friend, helping and supporting one another.
  • Recognising limitations and asking for help when help is needed is a valuable thing to do and reveals strength.