Fatherhood becomes reality once the baby is born. A man grows into fatherhood slowly by experiencing parenthood. There is time to adapt to the new role.


  • On the journey to paternity, it is only natural to experience all kinds of feelings.
  • When preparing for a new situation in life, sharing thoughts, emotions and experiences with others going through the same phase, especially with spouse, often helps.
  • The mental image of a child, paternity and future family-life evolves during pregnancy and becomes reality once the baby is born.
  • Things and interests that matter should be integrated into the upcoming baby year and its day-to-day routines.
  • When the baby year is at hand, too binding commitments regarding hobbies and work should be avoided so that the very intense first months after the baby’s birth are easier to manage.

With parenthood, various sectors of life change slightly. When preparing for parenthood, the upcoming changes should be in the course of daily routines. As a father, you can try to change your life in the way that all important things, including hobbies and friends, have enough time and space.

  • Day-to-day routines run efficiently, when you reserve enough time for your child and relationship, and look after yourself properly to ensure your wellbeing.
  • Both parents should be able to experience parenthood in their individual ways.
  • A good relationship is important for the baby and the whole family.