Information and support for families with children – the responsibility of the infobank and the timeline

The contents of the infobank  and the timeline have been attempted to be assembled only on the basis of evidence and reliable information. Information content is written on the basis of national recommendations, guidelines and expert know-how in the field and are verified by professionals and experts.

The information content provided on this site does not compensate individually for any assessment made by professionals based on an individual assessment or case by case clinical diagnosis. Site developers are not responsible for the individual, reader-specific interpretation or application of the site content. Site developers do not take responsibility for the site’s users, but duty of care responsibilities always remain with the care provider.

Services of private service providers

The city of Oulu is not responsible for the activities of third parties (private service providers) and is not a party to communication or trading between them.

  • The city does not control the sites of linked third parties, nor is it responsible for their content. Consumers are always advised to check company information.
  • The child service company of must have an active business ID and must belong to the prepayment register. We can not check corporate information for open companies.
  • Pricing must be transparent.
  • The service provider is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of their information.
  • Services can be searched by keywords, browse by category on a list and on a map. About Service Providers and Services Provided