The mother takes care of the baby and herself by healthy diet, daily exercise and resting when she needs rest. Every family member’s lifestyle has an effect not only on the wellbeing of the newborn but also on the lifestyle the baby will have in future. This is a good time to reflect upon family’s eating, resting and exercising habits as well as the day-to-day management and functionality of internal family relationships. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding starting after the birth induce huge changes in the mother’s body.


  • You do not need to eat more during pregnancy. Pregnancy increases your energy requirement in total by a slice of bread, a piece of fruit and a glass of milk.
  • Most of all, you should pay attention to the amount of vitamins and minerals, fibres and other health promoting components in your diet. Your need for vitamins and minerals increases by 15 to 50 % during pregnancy.
  • It is worth your while to ensure, when pregnant or breastfeeding, and actually already when planning pregnancy, you get sufficient amount of iron, folic acid, vitamin D and calcium.
  • A healthy mother’s exercise routine does not risk the baby’s health or increase a risk of premature birth.
  • Exercise has a multiple different health effects during pregnancy and, among other things, it speeds up postpartum recovery.

Varying diet and regular mealtimes may have an effect on control of possible cravings during pregnancy. A pregnant mother should pay attention on sufficient amount of fluids. Water is the best refreshment when thirsty. Alcohol and other intoxicants endanger the baby’s health and cannot be used when pregnant. Regular exercise and physical activity by the mother-to-be is important in promoting both the mother and the developing baby’s wellbeing.