The father’s presence in labour and delivery not only strengthens the relationship between spouses but also the bond between the father and child. The father can stay with the mother from the beginning of giving birth to the end. The father can take care of the baby from the first day on. After the baby is delivered, the father very often helps with tying the bellybutton and, if he so wishes, bathing and dressing the baby for the first time.

After the delivery, the first few hours are significant time for establishing a good start for bonding and early interaction of the baby and his or her parents.

If the father cannot come to the baby’s delivery, the mother can take a birth companion with her. Very often the person to go with the mother is a friend, a family member or a trained doula. It is important to discuss the childbirth sufficiently to enhance bonding between the baby and the parent and to support the parent’s wellbeing.

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