Crisis may affect also a larger community like a family or extended family. When a family is in crisis, each family member needs support and understanding. The adults have to make sure that help is provided for the children and adolescents, not neglecting to get support and also help, if necessary, for themselves as well. Changes are trying both mentally and physically. No one should be alone with their issues. In crisis a parent should confide in their adult friends and family, not their children. If the problems are difficult to solve unassisted or within the family circle, help may be sought from a peer group or a professional individual.

These pages contain information about various crises. There is also information about services you might like to contact for guidance when your life is in crisis or in dire straits.

Ero lapsiperheessä

Ero on kriisi, joka koskettaa koko perhettä. Vanhempana voi huolestua siitä, mitä eron uhka ja ero merkitsee lapselle. Eroa harkittaessa tai sen koittaessa on hyvä hakea apua ja tukea myös perheen ulkopuolelta.