Once the rights of the child are implemented, all children may grow and go to school healthy, not having to fear violence or exploitation. This is a necessary requirement for any development in the world.

The convention has four general principles:

  1. Non-discrimination (Article 2)
  2. Account of the best interests of the child (Article 3)
  3. Right to survival and development (Article 6)
  4. Respect of the child’s views (Article 12)

A child-friendly community

The City of Oulu started to implement UNICEF Child-Friendly Cities and Communities approach as of 2016 with the city committed to a two-year development project for the best of children. The approach is based on UN Convention on the Right of the Child.

The City of Oulu will implement the Child-Friendly City approach in all city services and administration. With the approach, all service sectors in the city will be able to assess their decision-making and actions from the perspective of children and young persons’ involvement.