Preschooler and exercise

Many different activities are usually easily introduced to children because they are interested in everything and looking for challenges.


  • A child is learning basic body management skills including jumping, throwing and catching, kicking and hitting a ball.
  • At the same time balance, flexibility, mobility speed and endurance develop.
  • Children are interested in their outdoor environment as well as trying many different sports.
  • Sports-based play teaches the children to cooperate with others and at the same time children also learn patience as well as about cause and effect.
  • For a child, physical activity is a way of learning new things.
  • Exercisise and mobility, children learn to understand their body, cooperation between right and left side, hand and eye coordination, and recognition of time and rhythm related structures.
  • Exercise and physical activity have a positive effect on native language and mathematical learning skills of a child.
  • Varied exercise and physical activity of preschoolers and younger children can prevent learning disabilities that might emerge later, at school age.