A child should be given three regular main meals a day and two to three snacks during the day: porridge for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and supper. Healthy snacks can be of fruit, berries, bread or vegetables. The quality of fat in the diet has to be considered and sweet snacks controlled.


  • The child can already use a spoon and fork and is learning to use a knife.
  • A child is learning to cut food to pieces, butter bread, to serve oneself a portion on the plate.
  • A child can practise potato peeling.
  • There should be enough time for meals: forgetting and lagging behind is common.
  • A child likes to help with cooking, stocking the fridge, setting the table.
  • An adult should set an example by teaching and guiding to healthy eating habits.
  • Regular mealtimes together

Sometimes a child needs 10 to 15 tries before he or she develops a taste for a new dish.

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