Usually a preschooler is keen to face challenges and learn new things. A child is interested in letters and numbers. Preschool education gives opportunities to practise the skills of listening, asking and answering questions, compliance with rules, waiting for one’s turn and control of disappointments.

A child’s skills during the preschool year

The following skills are practised during the preschool year; the same skills will be practised also at school. A child may already be very skilful at one subject matter while another still needs a lot of training. Every child has a unique way of learning, but everyone is important just as they are. Always remember to encourage the child in his or her efforts.

  • Can manage certain basic tasks unassisted, including washing hands, meals, undressing and dressing, going to bathroom.
  • Can stay away from parents for the length of a school day.
  • Is receptive to new things and instruction.
  • A preschooler understands speech and can express him- or herself verbally.
  • Can wait, has patience to take turns.
  • Tolerates disappointments and frustration sufficiently.
  • Seeks other children’s company and can play with friends.