The mother should listen to the signals her body sends her and act accordingly. Even labour pains guide the mother’s actions and movements. The mother’s confidence in herself and her body are paramount. The persons with the mother at labour and delivery can make a difference to the mother’s confidence. If the mother needs space, peace and quiet, only the necessary procedures and checks will be carried out to ensure the mother and baby’s wellbeing. Remember the importance of mitigating movement and positions, and try different movements and positions at the different stages of labour and delivery. Eat and drink when hungry or thirsty to make sure you have enough energy.

  • Each contraction brings the baby closer to you. Once the contractions start, remember to inhale and exhale calmly and for instance sway or rock or move in any other way that feels right during labour and delivery.
  • Your partner, birth companion, midwife or doula can assist you with this by reminding you to breathe and help you to move and relax in a well proven way.
  • In addition to movement and breathing techniques, there are also other methods for pain management and relief that you can ask the childbirth professionals about.

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