The father is entitled to paternal allowance if

  • he lives together with the mother (with the exception of e.g. work commitments).
  • he has been covered by the Finnish social security system a minimum of 180 days immediately prior to the baby’s due date (time spent in other EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or Israel may count towards the requirement).

Paternity leave

  • A maximum of 54 weekdays, i.e. 9 weeks.
  • A maximum of 18 weekdays, i.e. 3 weeks, when both the father and mother, on maternity or parental allowance, stay at home.
  • Salary may be paid or not paid on paternity leave; if not paid, then Kela pays a paternity allowance for the leave.
  • The days at the same time with mother can be split up to a maximum of four (4) periods and paternity leave following parental leave a maximum of two (2) periods.
  • The father’s leave cannot be transferred over to the mother.
  • A child for whom paternity leave is granted, cannot be in day care during paternity leave.

Paternity allowance

  • Is paid for weekdays (Monday to Saturday).
  • The father can decide if Saturday is calculated as an allowance day.
  • If the father is paid salary during his paternity leave, then paternity allowance is paid to his employer.
  • Paternity allowance is payable for one child at a time.
  • The father cannot work while he is paid paternity allowance during weekdays (Sundays and other holidays he can).
  • The father is entitled to the paternity allowance even if he studies and receives a study grant, if he is not studying full-time and if he looks after the child.

Time for paternity leave

  • Employer needs to be informed at the latest 2 months prior the beginning of paternity leave or if the leave does not exceed a total of 12 weekdays, at the latest 1 month prior to the beginning of the leave.
  • Paternity leave can start after the baby’s birth.
  • The father can use his paternity leave while the child is still under two years old or the adoptive child has been under the family’s care less than two years.
  • The father can have a maximum of 24 weekdays of his previous paternity leave for an older child at the same time with the mother on maternity or parental leave for the new baby.

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