The run of other everyday matters is often somewhat overlooked for a while. Many mothers say, they start nesting before the baby’s birth; in other words, they start to prepare for the birth with bursts of energetic activity alternating with periods of rest and deep thought or any other way suitable for the individual.

A mother-to-be may think about the upcoming birth of her baby with fluctuating emotions and thoughts. A tumult of insecurity, impatience and extreme happiness may fill the mother’s mind when getting ready to meet the baby, she can feel moving under her ribs, for the first time. The mother and baby know one another already. The baby recognises the mother’s way of moving, her voice and some sounds in the home.

  • What is it like to give birth and how is the labour and delivery in practice carried out?
  • When does the labour and delivery start and how do I know it starts?
  • What shall I take with me to the hospital?
  • What is the role of personnel during labour and delivery at the maternity hospital?
  • Will I get individual support during childbirth from the persons present during labour and delivery?
  • Who shall I take with me to the hospital to support me?
  • What does one do during childbirth? What does one do after the delivery? How shall I take care of the baby?
  • How do I start breastfeeding and how will I carry it out in day-to-day life?
  • What will the baby be like?

Keep an open mind regarding childbirth. However, do think in advance, whom you wish to take with you to the delivery – whose support helps you to feel comfortable and safe. Very often this person is the father of the child, the mother of the mother-to-be or another person close to her. If in your close circle of friends and family there is no such a person, you can ask about a doula who works on private or cooperative sector. Doulas provide support for the parents not only at the delivery but also during pregnancy and after the baby’s birth.

Every birth is a unique and special event and even the births of siblings from the same mother are different. The professionals delivering babies are trained to support and assist the mother through childbirth in a way that best responds to the mother and baby’s needs; individually considering each childbirth, each mother giving birth and each baby being delivered.