Maternity grant and maternity package

  • A mother-to-be can choose between a maternity package and 140 euro cash benefit for maternity grant.
  • The maternity grant can be awarded to a mother-to-be and adoptive mother who are covered by the Finnish social security system.
  • The mother is awarded the grant
    • after 154 days of pregnancy (about 5 months) and
    • the mother has been to a doctor or a maternity and child welfare clinic for a health check-up before the end of her 4th month of pregnancy.
  • Families with multiple births are awarded an increased grant – for twins 3, triplets 6 and so forth maternity grants; for instance, if the family is expecting twins, they can choose two maternity packages and one cash benefit.
  • Maternity grant is applied either online or by submitting the application to Kela office at the latest 2 months before the due date.

Maternity leave

  • Maternity leave (in total 105 weekdays) begins at the earliest 50 and at the latest 30 weekdays before the due date.
  • From Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.
  • The mother has the right to choose when she begins her leave.
  • Employer needs to be informed at the latest 2 months prior the beginning of maternity leave.
  • Maternity leave is based on Employment Contracts Act.

Maternity allowance

  • The mother is entitled to the maternity allowance if
    • she has been covered by the Finnish social security system a minimum of 180 days immediately prior to the baby’s due date (time spent in other EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or Israel may count towards the requirement).
    • minimum of 154 days into pregnancy
    • maternity allowance is applied at the latest 2 months before the due date from Kela.
  • Maternity leave is paid for a total of 105 working days (approximately 4 months), from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.
  • Salary may be paid or not paid on maternity leave
    • if not paid, Kela pays maternity allowance for the leave period.
    • If paid, Kela pays the allowance to the employer.
  • If the mother works during her maternity leave or studies full time and receives a study grant, she is then paid the minimum maternity allowance
    • she can work on Sundays and other public holidays
    • if the mother is paid a special maternity allowance, she cannot study or work with the exception of Sundays
  • If the mother falls ill and cannot look after the baby, the maternity allowance can be paid to the father as parental allowance.
  • If the baby is born prematurely, maternity allowance is paid as of the weekday following the baby’s birthday and the parental allowance is paid for a longer period, respectively.

Special maternity allowance

  • A mother can be granted special maternity allowance
    • if the mother is exposed to chemical substances, radiation or an infectious disease
    • if exposure cannot be prevented
    • if employer cannot reassign the mother for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • Special maternity allowance does not reduce the regular maternity allowance.
  • Special maternity allowance is paid until the maternity allowance period begins.

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