How to fall asleep

When a child has enough to do during the day, outdoor activities and family time with the parents, she does not usually have continuous difficulties falling asleep. A child should not be forced to go to bed neither should sleeping be a form of punishment.


  • You should talk with your child before bedtime about the day so that the events of the day are not heavy on her mind when it is time to fall asleep.
  • Outdoor activities early enough before bedtime improve quality of sleep.
  • Regular day routines help at bedtime.
  • A child may still wet the bed at night.

An adult determines the screen time hours. A child needs to do outdoors activities, too, preferably twice a day. Age ratings for television series, films and games are carefully established in compliance with child development and their ability to process things. Parents have the responsibility to see that age ratings are complied with.

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