When a child falls ill, he or she should be cared for as effectively as possible at home.


  • Parents’ observations of their child’s condition are vitally important as the decision when to go and see a doctor is based on them. Instructions and advice, however, are not a substitute for a doctor’s assessment and check-up. In other words, if the parents consider their child’s condition to be alarming, or if the symptoms and/or findings indicate a condition requiring treatment, a doctor’s assessment is always necessary.
  • When a child falls ill, he or she can be taken to a healthcare centre or a private doctor. Kela compensates a part of the private doctor’s and dentist’s fees as well as a part of the tests and treatment ordered by the doctor. Kela also compensates  some of prescription medication.
  • If an under-10-year-old falls ill unexpectedly, one of the parents can take a temporary care leave to look after their child. The care leave is for looking after a sick child or arranging care for him or her. The leave cannot exceed four (4) work days. Based on collective labour agreements, employers are obliged to pay for work days on three (3) calendar days.