Regular meals

For healthy growth and development, a child needs various nutrients and foodstuffs which are provided by a balanced home-cooked diet. Children remain happier and more energetic if they have regular meals. A child is sensitive to fluctuating blood sugar levels caused by hunger and meals spaced too far apart; tantrums and irritation may be caused by hunger.


  • A child needs regular mealtimes: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, supper.
  • If a child’s energy intake exceeds the amount needed for growth and activities, the child will gain weight.
  • With an exercise or physical activity that the child enjoys, they burn more energy.
  • The child should be allowed to decide how much they eat; the parents, however, decide what groceries to
  • buy from shops and what the family has for dinner.
  • A child normally can already estimate how much to eat and when he or she is full.
  • A six-year-old can learn to peel potatoes and butter a slice of bread.

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