In addition to his or her home, a child’s development is monitored at a child health clinic,  an early childhood education and care centre, and school. Monitoring and support focus on physical, mental and social growth and development of a child as well as on the wellbeing of the whole family.  Parents are supported in providing safe, child-oriented upbringing and good care, but also in nurturing their relationship. Our focus is on early intervention in special needs families with children and arrangement for support and assistance when needed.

Child health clinics monitor, among other things, baby’s smiles, babble and laughter. As for motor development, the nurse checks the following: how the baby holds his or her neck and head up, rolls over, sits, uses his or her hands, how fine motor skills of baby’s fingers develop (the so-called pincer grasp), belly crawl and all-fours crawl. Moreover, children are vaccinated in accordance with the vaccination programme.

In toddlers, the nurse monitors the child’s ability to distinguish words, speech development and play with building blocks. Also the development of toddlers’ walking and mobility are monitored. If there are any problems, support shall be arranged.