• Annual growth in height is approximately 5 cm and weight gain about 2.5 kilos.
  • Adult teeth appear around the age of 6 to 13 years, girls earlier than boys.
  • A child is active all the time at this age.
  • A six-year-old child can already control her body quite well but at times may be rather clumsy.
  • A child has the ability to learn to ski, skate and cycle.
  • Friends are important, children play, among other things, creative and role play games together.
  • A child can cooperate in a group.
  • A child’s speech is already grammatically fairly correct and clear.
  • A child enjoys tales and likes to tell them, too.
  • This is the age when a child asks a relentless stream of questions. A child asks about life and death.
  • A child also starts to think about right and wrong.
  • At this age a child’s moods fluctuate.
  • A child is easily scared.

When a child talks about her fears, they should be listened to and not played down. A child is very often comforted by the mere fact that somebody listens to her. A child’s questions should be responded to. When a child wakes up to a bad dream, sleeping in a parent’s bed comforts the child or a parent can stay by the child’s bed until she falls back to peaceful sleep again.

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