A child’s understanding of physical activity is extensive and the parents have the important duty of supporting their child’s development by providing various opportunities for exercise and at the same time supporting and guiding him or her as well as setting an example. A three-to-five-year-old does not need any regular hobbies. Physical activity and having great time together is the most important thing!


  • A child enjoys quick, lively and energetic moves.
  • Activity is spontaneous and a child only seldom looks tired or listless.
  • A child enjoys repeating moves, moving to the rhythm and moving to the music.
  • A child wants to apply basic motor skills to various environments and equipment.
  • A child can learn the basic skills of skiing, skating, swimming and cycling.
  • A four-year-old’s social skills are already developed enough for him or her to exercise in a group.

A child should have time and opportunities to climb, swing, run, jump and do any other exercise, too. A child can be taken, for instance, to the playground. A child has more space for exercise outdoors. A child can be taken out cycling, hiking to a forest or park and spend as much time as possible outdoors, 1 or 2 times a day.