The younger the child, the more important physical activity is for their holistic development. A child’s natural curiosity and activity promote physical development. Physical activity should be fun and provide a child with multiple experiences of achievement. Under-3-year-olds develop and progress in various skills at the same time.


  • A child practises walking, running, throwing, catching, kicking a ball and hitting.
  • A child needs an adult example but not an adult to speak, do and exercise on his or her behalf.
  • An adult can make the environment safer and more accessible for physical activity but at the same time also add enough challenges and a sense of adventure.
  • A child is a keen observer of his or her surroundings.
  • Games and play where a child can produce speech, noise and buzz promotes also speech.
  • Daily outdoor play and games are important in supporting a child’s development and promoting good health.
  • The balance between activity and rest is important.
  • A child requires a lot of variety and diversity to support his or her development.
  • Physical activity should, for most part, be child’s spontaneous and voluntary activity.