Parents’ role at school entry

Parents have the duty of supporting and encouraging the child in tasks that require independence. School aged child’s life brings along new friends and interests. Parents have the responsibility to make sure that the child has also time to relax at home.

As a parent you can help your child keep up the joy of learning as follows:

  • Ask your child every day what they did at school.
  • Listen to your child without judging him.
  • Encourage your child’s interests.
  • Remind yourself and your child that everyone learns new skills little by little through practice.
  • Congratulate the child even for small achievements.
  • Adopt a positive approach to school and learning.
  • Remember cuddles and to hold the child on your lap.
  • Make sure your child has enough sleep, outdoor activities and nutrition.

School aged children need their parents to

  • Supervise and assist with homework
  • Negotiate and monitor the house rules of the family, e.g. home coming times.
  • Provide transport to hobbies.
  • Have contact with friends’ parents.
  • Listen.
  • Comfort.
  • Pep talk.
  • Encourage.