How children cope with their parents’ divorce and the changes that come with it, depends a lot on parental cooperation after the divorce. Divorce is a crisis that affects the whole family. Before the divorce every option should be carefully considered. When discussing the decision and disputes between the spouses, counselling outside the family circle might be worthwhile; for instance, the City of Oulu Family Services, Nuorten Ystävien Vanhempien Akatemia and The Counselling Centre for Family Matters of the Federation of Oulu Evangelical Lutheran Parishes, which provides counselling also for non-members of the congregation.

The divorce may be very hard both financially and mentally. If necessary, also health care centre and financial assistance support services can be contacted. When the challenges are too much, also Oulu Crisis Centre may be contacted. When a divorce or a breakup takes place, city social workers and child supervisors provide guidance and advice on how to arrange practical matters.

From the child’s perspective, the important thing is, how well his parents can cooperate after their divorce on matters regarding the child. The child needs his parents’ time, understanding, security and information about the changes. The parents have to discuss the future arrangement regarding their child.