The mother should have a reliable adult available to help her through the everyday routines and reminds her about the importance of taking care of herself, too, and the value of her efforts with the baby’s everyday life.

  • Encourage the mother every day and tell her how you have confidence in her skills and she great a job she is doing.
  • Read up reliable information about breastfeeding and find solutions to the challenges the mother may face with nursing. You can also ask for advice at the maternity hospital.
  • Lift the baby to the mother’s breast and help her to find a comfortable position. This way the mother can rest while nursing.
  • Bring her something to drink and something nice to do as it is absolutely normal that a baby may spend a long time at the beast.
  • Help the mother, if necessary, to change position and also when she changes the baby to the other breast.
  • Take care of the baby also at night. Thus the mother gets to rest more.
  • Burp the baby after nursing if necessary.
  • Reduce the mother’s stress by sharing, for instance, housework with her. A quantity of stress hormones in the mother’s blood slows down milk flow.

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