Feelings are affected also by other people, for instance her spouse’s and her parents’ approach to pregnancy.

Ambivalence is a part of the growth process

A mother-to-be may think about the upcoming birth of her baby with fluctuating emotions and thoughts. Many of the ideas regarding parenthood and parenting are subconscious. During pregnancy, the-mother-to-be often goes through the events in her childhood, youth, her experiences and future. At times she may be overwhelmed by insecurities, even impatience, and at other times she may feel overjoyed when focusing on meeting the newcomer she can feel moving about in her belly.

  • The growth into motherhood continues through life – maternal instinct may not emerge straight away after the baby’s birth. Ambivalence may take a new mother by surprise in the middle of feelings of happiness and expectation, as the new mother may have fears regarding her pregnancy.
  • It would be good to talk about the feelings openly with the partner, a close friend or nurse or midwife. Negative emotions are a part of the natural development process towards motherhood and it is very important to accept also the feelings and needs which are frightening.
  • It takes interaction between the mother and child and time together to become a mother.

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