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    Oulun Englanninkielinen Leikkikoulu AY
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Being a multi-cultural playschool we embrace children from all backgrounds and encourage their families to share their knowledge and experience to celebrate our multicultural diversity.
Our staff are comprised of both native English speaking teachers and Finnish teachers with strong English skills.
Children can start with us from the age of 3 right up until their preschool year. In Finland children start preschool when they are 6 before moving on to the first grade of comprehensive school. The majority of our children go on to attend Oulu International School after completing preschool with us. We welcome all children who have an interest in English language learning.

Our monthly fee for a child is €774, the City voucher is for €718 maximum.
There are two forms of daycare and the fees for these are calculated by Oulu City.
These fees are dependent on income and are as follows:

Maximum 20 hours per week

Full time
€56 – €346,-

The fee for a preschooler is from €56 – €230,-.

Please note that your child is entitled to full time daycare only if both parents are working or studying. If one of the parents is at home due to unemployment or maternity leave, the child is entitled only to max 20 hours per week day care.